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Second Place in the New Media Category at the Beverly Hills Art Show Spring 2015

Educated in the Fine Arts at the Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine. Greg has been making photographic images since the 5th grade when he first discovered the magic of photo paper developing in chemicals in the darkened basement of a neighbor in Newport, Rhode Island. Photography has been the one constant in a life of change.

      Greg works now in alternative photographic processes merged with the world of digital photography. Life is good and its so exciting to live in a time when photography is getting bigger and broader as the world captures almost every single moment in pixels. Greg’s themes have always included the interactions of thought and the world around us.


Greg is the former Director of the Warner Bros. Studio Photo Lab and lives in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in Southern California.


This is what I was shooting

My work is a reflection of the immediate natural world around me. I use local and distant places to explore and reflect on my life and what my eyes see.


       I enjoy capturing things that are growing that will be merged into a whole to create a look and feel that will for me evoke the sense of the place and time. Some times the vision is grand and includes landscape forms, grass, sea, sky and the plants other times it is close up of flowers and rocks with an occasional insect going about his life oblivious to my camera and intents.


        I work with various digital capture devices from a simple device like the iPhone to more sophisticated cameras from Fuji and Nikon. Each of my images is captured manipulated and some times merged with other organic forms to create texture and mood to strengthen the intent and help to convey what I see with my minds eye.



-Greg Dyro

Greg works in Hollywood and lives in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.






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